What is Finish-Style Sauna?

Finns enjoy saunas in the same way that Japanese people enjoy baths.
It is not unusual to see houses equipped with saunas, and according to one study, there are more than 2 million saunas for a population of 5.5 million.

In Japan, most saunas are “dry saunas,” with low humidity and high temperatures sometimes exceeding 100°C. In contrast, the Finnish style is “wet saunas”. The room temperature is lower than that of dry ones, allowing you to slowly warm your body from the core.

The best part of Finnish saunas is “Löyly”, in which water is poured over the sauna stones to adjust the humidity.
Finnish people call creating steam at their own pace and soaking their entire body in it a sauna.

Vihita is also an essential part of Finnish sauna culture.
Vihita is a bundle of young birch leaves, and simply hanging it up fills the sauna room with the scent of the forest.

SOLO SAUNA tune imports sauna stoves from Finland.
Water scented with white birches can be used for Löyly.
We have reproduced the authentic sauna experience as much as possible in a completely private room.

Photo © Laura Kopilow