• The walls and ceilings are unified in dark gray, with only indirect lighting to minimize brightness.
    With little stimulation from the outside, it is easy to concentrate on your experience. The temperature is lower, and the humidity is higher than in many dry saunas in Japan, allowing you to warm up slowly from deep inside.
    On the 2-meter bench, you can stretch out your legs or lie down to relax. A timer is available so that you would not miss the time even when you fall asleep.

  • Each room installs a sauna stove imported from Finland.

  • You can enjoy “Löyly” with birch aroma water that relaxes your body and mind.

  • A 400-caliber overhead shower provides a large volume of cold water. The chiller maintains the water temperature at around 16°C all year round to cool you down. Moreover, we also install a handheld shower with adjustable water temperature, which you can change from regular showers to mist ones.

  • The changing area to the Sauna room is within 10 steps (for a standard room).

  • We place a circulator to make you rest well (depending on the room).
    Enjoy the soft breeze and relax in the armchair and ottoman for a comfortable rest.

  • The powder room is for women only. Please use the space after check-out.

  • Cafe (Gather by UNPLAN) is available for some drinks and dining.

The Group Room

Group Room is available for a maximum of 3 people. It is larger than single rooms and can be used in a relaxed atmosphere. We allow you to use the room only with the same sex.

Price includes Face towel/bath towel for each,Toner,Lotion,Cotton swab and Sauna hat.Cleansing milk and combs are available upon request.

Powder Room Amenities includes Toner,Lotion Body cream,Sunscreen,Hair oil,Hand soap,Cotton swabs,Cotton pad.