SOLO SAUNA tune 《2nd anniversary》

Anniversary events will be held 

Open throughout new year holidays

An immersive ambience with sophisticated style and feature, SOLO SAUNA tune

Opened on December 4th, 2020, in Kagurazaka, Tokyo as the first fully private Finnish-style sauna in Japan

SOLO SAUNA tune will celebrate its second anniversary.

Extension of the priority reservation period for repeat customers / 500 yen discount coupon ticket for the next reservation

Celebrating the 2nd anniversary, SOLO SAUNA tune will offer a discount coupon as a token of gratitude. 

Along with the coupon, the priority reservation period for repeat customers will be extended to 7 days from the current 24 hours.

Qualification: 2 coupons of 500 yen discount per visit between Dec 3-31, 2022

Terms of use: 1 coupon per reservation. 

Validity period: Dec 3, 2022 – Jan 31, 2023

Sauna hat sales commence with name embroidery service

The sauna hat will be available for purchase from December 1st, 2022.

For customers who purchased in the period of Dec 3, 2022 to Feb 14, 2023, we offer a special  name embroidery service. This would make a great gift for the holiday season.

Price: 8,500 yen

Gift wrapping available

Made with 100% formaldehyde-free merino wool, it is an environment-friendly, safe and reliable sauna hat. This sauna hat is also sustainable and has a wash durability over 300 times. 

“Sheep milk spicy curry”, Sameshi* by HITSUJI SUNRISE Kagurazaka 

*abbreviation for sauna meshi(meal in japanese), a post sauna meal

Curry from HITSUJI SUNRISE, a popular restaurant in Kagurazaka, will be available for a limited period.

This curry is made with the “Lamb-assador**”, spice importer Shankar Noguchi’s signature curry paste with sheep milk, sheep bone broth.

You can enjoy the curry with a rich aroma of spices at the annexed cafe, Gather by UNPLAN.

**Lamb+ambassador, a lamp specialist

Tickets at a special discounted price are available for the customers of SOLO SAUNA tune.

The curry is also available at the cafe for customers who are not visiting the sauna.

Period: Dec 15-29 11:30-18:30 last order ***

Price: tune customers, 1,000 yen / customers without visiting tune, 1,200 yen

Special offer: A drink ticket for HITSUJI SUNRISE and a discount ticket for SOLO SAUNA tune will be given to customers who ordered the sheep milk spicy curry.

***This period may change due to the limited quantity



Gather by UNPLAN

Mana’s photography exhibition “Tuning Time”

From December 2nd to 29th, Mana’s photo exhibition will be held at Gather by UNPLAN. Photographed at SOLO SAUNA tune by Aizawa Yoshikazu.

Mana would be present on Dec 11, 25 12:00-17:00

The displayed photographs are available for purchase. Please inform the staff at the cafe.

*Visitors are welcomed any time during the opening hours of Gather by UNPLAN and SOLO SAUNA tune

*Reservation is not required for the entrance of the exhibition